It can be lonely as a Muslim when you get to popular social media sites, and everything is different from the norms you are used to as part of your daily life. Instead of letting yourself to be lost in the vast world of the internet, you can maximize your time spent online by connecting to other Muslims from across the globe. The good news is this has highly been simplified with hundreds of sites where you can freely express yourself to people who have a first-hand experience of your faith and way of life.

The following are places you are sure to find great relief as a young Muslim looking to connect with your global range of brothers and sisters;

  1. Muslim Facebook groups

It is not by magic that you probably already have a Facebook account and so do all or most of your close friends. This translates to a global platform that brings together Muslims from virtually all counties together and with the rise of groups, there is a place you will find great joy. Narrow down on groups which are centered on your areas of interest and which bring people from different locations for the benefits of connecting to like-minded individuals from every country worldwide.


This platform was built specifically to be a meeting point for Muslim friends, and it gives you the freedom to create a profile which people can use as a guide for linking up with you. It is a perfect spot for anyone seeking new friends and for those who are not afraid of where life could lead it holds potential for love stories.


This interactive platform was built to break barriers when it comes to finding the perfect match for a dating experience with a difference. It features thousands of single Muslims looking for love and friendship in the online world.