Every day we face questions on sexuality, and as a Muslim, the odds are raised as you require teachings which are in line with religious teachings. In the digitized generation, you are always a few clicks away from receiving information is you know the right places to click. It is vital to maintain the purity of the Islamic teachings by sticking to top rated sites where Muslims freely share their ideas on matters that are not handled in most day to day communications. The freedom of expression nonetheless calls for concerns on your end to study the Quran better and understand the right teachings.

As a beginner looking for websites where you can find suitable teachings, these options will open your eyes to the depth of Muslim sexuality;

  1. Daruliftaa.com

This site rightly describes itself as the Institute of Islamic jurisprudence, and true to its objective covers an extensive range of topics. The team behind the website is not afraid to go to any length to answer all questions raised by their viewers and make a point of always sticking to Islamic rules and teachings. Issues on sexuality and marriage are adequately tackled on the site, and it is a trusted place to get sound advice.

  1. Askthescholar.com

The website was founded by Shaikh Ahmad Kutty who is an Islamic scholar and he covers as many diverse topics there are for discussions by Muslims. A winning point for this site is it gives viewers the chance to ask questions anonymously before the scholar then answers them.

  1. islamqa.org

The title of the website says it all as it gives Muslims a platform to ask questions and have members answer them. There are no limits to issues in sexuality which are discussed on the website, and you can always have the confidence when there are any burning issues that need to be addressed.