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Where Can I Find Other Muslims To Talk To Online?

It can be lonely as a Muslim when you get to popular social media sites, and everything is different from the norms you are used to as part of your daily life. Instead of letting yourself to be lost in the vast world of the internet, you can maximize your time spent...

Are Muslims Allowed To Use Sex Toys?

Following the rules of the faith are guiding elements to any true Muslim and this goes right into the bedroom. The pleasures that many people seek when in the privacy of their rooms as such comes with lots of concerns for strict compliance with Sharia laws. In an age...

What Is The Best Websites Online For Muslim Sexuality?

Every day we face questions on sexuality, and as a Muslim, the odds are raised as you require teachings which are in line with religious teachings. In the digitized generation, you are always a few clicks away from receiving information is you know the right places to...