Following the rules of the faith are guiding elements to any true Muslim and this goes right into the bedroom. The pleasures that many people seek when in the privacy of their rooms as such comes with lots of concerns for strict compliance with Sharia laws. In an age where there has been a significant development in the sex industry, and the impacts cannot be ignored it is of importance that important subjects are tackled. One such matter that cannot be wished away is the increased use of sex toys which has gotten to every corner of the globe.

To answer this question, one has to first understand that Quran views marriage beyond the physical and is a spiritual connection that will last the test of time. In as such, the objective of sexually related activities is more wholesome and should be aimed at building the love and affection between the wife and husband. Modesty is, therefore, the guiding element when it comes to having pleasures as a couple and any extremes are termed as transgressions which have no place in the faith.

The question as such is whether the use of sex toys can be termed as extreme acts which do not build the family. The Holy Quran 2:222 and 223 clearly indicate when a man is to keep away from a woman and that is when they are in their courses and are in turn unclean. But it goes further to say that -Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will. This means that for all Muslim couples the door to sexual pleasures which includes the use of sex toys without it being used for personal pleasures (masturbation) and physical penetration in the anus or vagina is allowed.